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During the latest contract negotiations in 2019, PACSO union officers were able to receive substantial raises and night shift differential pay for our union members. We have also been able to get shift bidding back on the contract.

We researched, collated information and then documented through a comprehensive correspondence to management detailing the case law and common practices of why we should be paid to don and doff (Dress and undress) on the job site our necessary equipment which is essential to complete the mission assigned to us and faithfully executed by our outstanding CSO’s for the United States Marshal’s Service on behalf of all who enter the courthouses.

We are presently fighting for progressive discipline instead of the common and erroneous three days suspensions that are handed down for the majority of policy violations documented by management and more importantly, we are successful!

I cannot stress this next fact enough...

We have won an arbitration hearing which overturned an unfair decision by management to terminate a CSO for using his cell phone on duty.

The Federal arbitrator ruled in the member and PACSO’s favor which will allow an inappropriately terminated Houston CSO to get his job back and continue to provide for his family.

As usual, labor law, procedures and practices is causing the case to continue to be ongoing, but make no mistake, winning this arbitration award to overturn an erroneous management termination decision was one of the greatest hills we have had to climb.

Stay tuned for any new developments as they occur!!

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Updated: Mar 30

Greetings to all of the PACSO members CSO’s and the non-member CSO’s of the Southern District of Texas to the Professional Association of Court Security Officers Webpage.

I want to say thank you to all of our PACSO members for being a part of an organization to ensure our members have the continued ability to provide for our families.

It has been a pleasure and sometimes a struggle to get us to this point, where we can effectively communicate with each other. This website is also going to enable us to do so much more. All you have to do is follow the prompts to log on either as a PACSO member or as a non-member CSO in the Southern District of Texas.

I am proud to be the President of PACSO. Although PACSO is small in numbers, in impact it is reaching far and wide.

Congratulations on the hard work our Vice President Mike Garrett and Secretary/Treasurer John Lynch have done to bring our unions message and accomplishments to its members in a more efficient and timely manner.

Our union brothers and sisters hard won rights have been under attack from billionaires and their political pawns in Washington DC and State houses throughout the country.

Without union workers, we would lose many of our protections against abusive employers. Wages for all employees, unionized or not would not only be depressed, but they would also be stagnant.

Strong responsible unions are essential to fair play and pay. Without unions, labor bargaining power would be dead.

The only effective answer to organizational greed is organized labor. Our labor unions collective bargaining power has raised wages, allowed for the implementation of the forty-hour work week, helped ensure supplemental benefits such as vacation, sick time, bereavement leave, maternity leave and many others benefits which have been hard fought and won through various unions collective bargaining and grievance procedures.

I invite you to read the “latest News” blog to see what we have already accomplished and what fights are currently underway to ensure you have fair working conditions in our Courthouses.

Once again, welcome to our new home and I look forward to working with and representing our members for the foreseeable future.

I look forward to talking to you again. Until that time, watch your six and your fellow CSO’s six too…

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Updated: Mar 29

Each one of our courthouses need someone to take up the mantle and fight for their fellow CSO’s.

How do they do that?

They/You volunteer to become a Union Steward or be voted in as a Union Officer. The operative word is VOLUNTEER... The Union Steward will help a CSO when they are charged with a policy violation to ensure the CSO is treated fairly during the disciplinary process. We as Officers of the Union are responsible with the smooth administration of the union and believe me there is a lot more to it than meets the eye.

John Lynch is not only the Secretary/Treasurer he is also the Houston Union Steward. You can wear multiple hats if you want.Through the Union Stewards we as officers are here to help any member of PACSO through any disciplinary issue that management has initiated against you. If you are a union steward and have a question on a particular disciplinary incident, you can call or email us. If you are a member, ask a question on the forum, other members may have the same question. Ask for Union representation during any questioning, before providing any statements written or otherwise from management about a particular policy violation. Do not allow any disciplinary action to be taken against you or one of your member co-workers without effective support!!!

I have attached some recent disciplinary response letters that have been sent to management on behalf of our members. All of the names have been deleted for privacy.

If you can help us to contact every CSO in the Southern District of Texas and get our message out, do that! If you can volunteer to be a Union Steward for your courthouse, do that!! If you want to be a Union Officer, put your hat in the ring and do that too!! Remember what your FTO told you a long time ago. “Do something, make a difference.” “Even if it is the wrong decision, decide, act, understand what you did wrong and fix it for the next call…”

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