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Updated: Feb 23

Welcome to our new Union!!

What a great year 2021 has been!!

Before I get into our business, let me first THANK YOU for being a member and second to all of our members who voted for our newest Board Members into office in February 2022.

With this vote, you will be helping to forge our way forward through your strength and resolve for the foreseeable future.

Our Board has worked tirelessly to bring our Union/Association into the 21st century.

We have a new website, that was utilized to vote for your board members in a clear, transparent, and easy way.

On top of that, we can do the following:

We can view the Collective Bargaining Agreement. (CBA-Our agreement with the Company)

The Statement of Work. (SOW-The agreement between the Company and the USMS)

We can review our By-Laws.

We can speak out on issues and concerns to the board members and fellow CSO’s in open forums.

We can send a confidential email to any of the board members for consideration, review, and action when appropriate.

Mike Garrett and I visited all of the courthouses in December of 2021, and what a great experience it was.

It was clear why each courthouse tailors the CBA and SOW to ensure that the duties of the CSO’s are tailored to the specific needs in relation to the physical layout of each courthouse and it’s employees.

It was terrific to put faces to all of the names and voices I have had the pleasure to interact with!!

We have had a groundbreaking arbitration hearing affirming our rights as individual employees that translates into group rights making each of us stronger.

Stronger as an organization, empowering as an individual, but fearsome as a united and sustained union of people, capable of overcoming the arrogant and powerful who seek to take advantage of us individually to help enrichen their corporate coffers.

One of our members was awarded an award of over $120,000 for inappropriate termination.

This fight took over two years of treasure, perseverance, dedication, and the subtle legal wrangling of one of the best Labor attorneys in the business, Patrick Flynn.

We are truly lucky to have him.

We have an agenda to help us have a positive impact on not only our union members and families, but the CSO’s who surround us to help them be more secure in their employment.

We are looking forward to a new working relationship with Centerra when they tentatively. As of this writing, take over the contract on April 1, 2022.

This doesn’t mean we are done dealing with Walden Security Company. We have two arbitrations to follow-up with, that will take at least ten months to complete.

One, to ensure that when a CSO is removed from a contract that is greater than a suspension, that the CSO is compensated for that additional time he/she is not paid.

Two, to ensure if a final warning is given during an inappropriate discipline that is used for a termination in a subsequent discipline, the final warning is rescinded and the CSO compensated for all lost time.

Enough for now. Continue to do the wonderful job I watch each of us do on a daily basis and once again, thank you for your membership and support!!

John Lynch


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Thanks to our Members who participated in the Election.

President - John Lynch

Vice President - Mike Garrett

2cd Vice President - Jerome Powell

Secretary/Treasurer - Sean Lynch

Sergeant at Arms - Ron Vaughn

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In January 2022, Your PACSO represented a new member who learned his pay had been incorrect for almost 5 years. After an audit and notification to Walden Security Company of the problem, under the CBA - 8.3 Undisputed Error, this employee was immediately made whole of over a thousand dollars in back pay.

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