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Become a P.A.C.S.O. Member

As a member of P.A.C.S.O. this website will allow us to do the following:

-We can vote for our Union board members in a user-friendly, efficient and secure manner.

-We have a forum to discuss problems, issues, provide solutions or recommendations.

-We can recommend changes to the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

-We have our CBA and the Statement of Work posted for you to view and read at your convenience.


As a CSO in the Southern District of Texas you will be able to read what the members are interacting about and you will be able to see the final tallies of any votes that have been cast for Union Officers, changes to our by-laws, etc.


I would encourage you to join the union and have a full voice in what you would like to have included in the CBA, run for office or just be able to participate in the forums. The enrollment form is right here! (Link)


Take your time and read these documents. The CBA is our members/non-members agreement with the contractor on how we and the contractor conduct themselves during crucial times of our employment. (Link)


The Statement of Work is the contract the Contractor and the Unites States Marshal’s Service have with each other which details how the various job sites (Courthouses) are to be run. (Link)


Both of these documents are co-joined or intermingled and are not easily separated.


These documents are at the heart of our fight with unfair labor practices that is inflicted upon members on how they should be treated through the CBA, Statement of Work, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, etc.

Become a PACSO Member
Contact us with any questions or inquiries you may have.
Bob Casey Federal Courthouse
515 Rusk Street, Houston Texas 77002
Galveston Federal

601 Rosenberg Avenue,

Galveston, Texas 77901

Corpus Christi
Federal Courthouse

1133 North Shoreline Blvd,

Corpus Christi, Texas, 78401

William M. Steger
Federal Building and
Federal Courthouse

312 Main Street,

Victoria, Texas, 77901

Federal Courthouse

1300 Victoria Street,

Laredo, Texas, 78040

Federal Courthouse

600 E. Harrison Street,

Brownsville, Texas, 78520

Federal Courthouse

1701 W. Business HWY 83,

McAllen, Texas, 78501

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