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The Professional Association of Court Security Officers comprises a team of highly skilled persons with multi-year law enforcement experience from different agencies, offices and departments around the nation.

Each of these individuals has proven themselves through determination and intelligence to have provided the necessary discipline and fortitude to close multiple criminal cases for their various agencies.

Because of this experience, they have been chosen after a lengthy background investigation by the United States Marshals Service in conjunction with the Federal Office of Personnel Management to be the front line security for the Federal Judiciary within the United States and its Territories.

Each of the Court Security Officers are sworn Federal Law Enforcement Officers while on duty. We are given a Special Deputization as Special Deputy United States Marshals.

As a close knit team, we ensure the safety of all of the judiciary family as well as all members of the public conducting their business within the multiple federal courthouses in the Federal 5th Judicial District in the Southern District of Texas.

To anyone who visits any of the federal courthouses in the Southern District of Texas we welcome you and are here to help and serve you on a daily basis.

John Lynch.jpg
John Lynch
Union Steward-Houston

I am a 12 year law enforcement veteran from the Denver metro area. I was a Patrol Deputy for the majority of my law enforcement career. I was a member of the Honor Guard, Riot Control Team and an Arrest Control Instructor.

Mike Garrett.jpg
Gordon "Mike" Garrett

34 year veteran of the Houston Police Department.  I have served as a CSO for 2.5 years. I am honored to serve as your P.A.C.S.O. representative.