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Get Involved with PACSO

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Each one of our courthouses need someone to take up the mantle and fight for their fellow CSO’s.

How do they do that?

They/You volunteer to become a Union Steward or be voted in as a Union Officer. The operative word is VOLUNTEER... The Union Steward will help a CSO when they are charged with a policy violation to ensure the CSO is treated fairly during the disciplinary process. We as Officers of the Union are responsible with the smooth administration of the union and believe me there is a lot more to it than meets the eye.

John Lynch is not only the Secretary/Treasurer he is also the Houston Union Steward. You can wear multiple hats if you want.Through the Union Stewards we as officers are here to help any member of PACSO through any disciplinary issue that management has initiated against you. If you are a union steward and have a question on a particular disciplinary incident, you can call or email us. If you are a member, ask a question on the forum, other members may have the same question. Ask for Union representation during any questioning, before providing any statements written or otherwise from management about a particular policy violation. Do not allow any disciplinary action to be taken against you or one of your member co-workers without effective support!!!

I have attached some recent disciplinary response letters that have been sent to management on behalf of our members. All of the names have been deleted for privacy.

If you can help us to contact every CSO in the Southern District of Texas and get our message out, do that! If you can volunteer to be a Union Steward for your courthouse, do that!! If you want to be a Union Officer, put your hat in the ring and do that too!! Remember what your FTO told you a long time ago. “Do something, make a difference.” “Even if it is the wrong decision, decide, act, understand what you did wrong and fix it for the next call…”


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